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Leather Caspian, the year began and 78 years active in the production of leather bags for men and women, the foundation tries to improve the quality of products using high quality raw materials and precision in using the best leathers and fittings

Working night and day and using new machines

Also be made using a combination of innovation and modernization

All honor of leather bags for men and women working night and day in the shade and using new machines in new designs and new that can compete with the best global brands. It is noteworthy that all leather products manufacturing unit by unit produced

Leather Caspian ready for the production of leather products (natural and artificial), such as leather office bags, conference bags, conference bags, leather gifts, etc. in order to provide services to organizations, institutions, universities, public corporations and private companies dear and genuine leather industry Iranian art lovers and very good quality

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Highest speed

 mass production of leather products with acceptable offer with the highest speed and best possible quality of well


Purchase orders and mass

So what is in this room as their professional duties, we emphasize that the reception of small orders and



 in the shortest time and the most reasonable prices in the production and design of products listed with engraved logo and the logo of the organization declares

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